Unknown Kim

Sound Artist
PhD researcher affiliated with Leiden University

Participating Projects 
︎ Residency 2023 ︎  
︎ Workshop Acoustic Territories ︎

Minji Kim(aka. Unknown Kim) is a researcher and sound artist based in The Hague(NL) and Seoul(KR). She is a founder of the Eco-acoustic sound artist initiative Acoustic Territories. Her work focuses on sound and music revealed via communication between environments and humans while exploring sounds of Psycho-Geography.

“How can music/sound positively affect ecology?” Her work <Re-shaping (t)dunes> explores the sounds revealed by regenerative design infrastructures that contribute to the environment. In Getbol lab, a workshop <Into the (re)wild> was conducted on the acoustic exploration of the ecological processes in the Sihwa Lake, accompanied by the concept of communal listening.